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Why Air Forces Fail: The Anatomy of Defeat, revised and expanded edition

edited by Robin Higham and Stephen J. Harris

Availablepaperback$35.00s 978-0-8131-6751-0
450 pages  Pubdate: 07/15/2016  6 x 9  27 b&w photos

Since the publication of the first edition of Why Air Forces Fail, the debate over airpower’s role in military operations has only intensified. Here, eminent historians Robin Higham and Stephen J. Harris assemble a team of experts to add essential new details to their cautionary tale for current practitioners of aerial warfare. Together, the contributors examine the complex, often deep-seated, reasons for the catastrophic failures of the Russian, Polish, French, British, Italian, German, Argentine, and American air services. Complemented by reading lists and suggestions for further research, this seminal study with two new chapters provides an essential and detailed analysis of defeat.

Robin Higham (1925–2015), was emeritus professor of military history at Kansas State University. He authored and edited many works about aviation history, including The Influence of Airpower upon History: Statesmanship, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy since 1903.

Stephen J. Harris is the chief historian for the Directorate of History and Heritage at the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. He coauthored The Crucible of War: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Air Force.