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Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access

by Wheeler Winston Dixon

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A study of how digital technology has altered contemporary filmmaking, including audience habits.

Wheeler Winston Dixon, James Ryan Endowed Professor of Film Studies and professor of English at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, is coeditor in chief of the Quarterly Review of Film and Video and the author of numerous books, including A History of Horror, Visions of the Apocalypse: Spectacles of Destruction in American Cinema, and Film Talk: Directors at Work.

Dixon has written a lively, opinionated, and detailed up-to-the-minute dispatch on the current state of the moving-image media as they experience a period of rapid transition marked by instability and uncertainty regarding the future of viewing and exhibition practices. It is a timely and urgent contribution to current scholarship in the constantly evolving discipline of media studies. -- David Sterritt, author of Screening the Beats: Media Culture and the Beat Sensibility

Dixon’s book offers a cogent overview of the history of digital film production and its impact on traditional filmmaking. His work is more than just a historical map of the development of digitized filmmaking, but also a sociocultural and psychological study of how digitally formed film will (and does) impact viewers. Streaming will make a significant contribution to the field, as no scholar has yet looked at digital cinema and its impact on the sociocultural experience of viewing film. -- Valerie Orlando, author of Screening Morocco: Contemporary Film in a Changing Society

In this expansive, elegantly written, and engaging study, Wheeler Winston Dixon aims nothing less than to rethink the future of cinema in a digital age. Exploring the ways in which the Hollywood model of embracing digital production is spreading throughout the world, Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access complicates, illuminates, and extends our understanding of our current media landscape. -- Patrice Petro, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Wheeler Winston Dixon has written a lively, detailed, up-to-the-minute dispatch on the moving-image media during their current period of rapid transition and transformation. The volatility of present-day media technology makes the book’s comprehensive scope, authoritative tone, scrupulous balance, and eye-opening revelations all the more welcome and impressive. Dixon’s experiences as a practicing filmmaker as well as a media theorist and historian add further to his credentials as an expert on this multifaceted field, and his writing is consistently bright and engaging, making this an excellent book for general readers as well as a valuable resource for classroom use and scholarly reference. Streaming is a timely and in some ways urgent contribution to the constantly evolving discipline of media studies." -- David Sterritt, Columbia University, Chair, National Society of Film Critics

Dixon, a professor of film studies and English at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, has a long history of compelling publications about film. His books include A History of Horror (2010), Visions of the Apocalpyse: Spectables of Destruction in American Cinema (2003), Disaster and Memory: Celebrity Culture and the Crisis of Hollywood Cinema (2009), Death of the Moguls: The End of Classical Hollywood (2012), and Film: Talk Directors at Work (2007). He is also coeditor in chief of the Quarterly Review of Film and Video. -- Moving Image Archive News

This is a very interesting book...It's not technical, and very easy to read. It's also very much worth checking out. -- Midwest Book Review