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Why Work?

by Judi Jennings

Out of Printpaperback$5.95s 978-0-8131-0904-6
New Books for New Readers
64 pages  Pubdate: 09/19/1989  5.5 x 8.5  

" The many meanings of work—from prehistory to the present, from around the world—are the focus of this reader: “Work can be a place, as in ‘Where do you work?’ Work can be a job, as in ‘What is your work?’ People can get worked up and mines can get worked out. Many people are overworked but things usually work out. And sometimes you can get a really good hamburger with all the works. See other books in the series New Books for New Readers."Judi Jennings

Who would have thought you could get easier-to-read materials from a university press! Kudos to the University Press of Kentucky for their New Books for New Readers series. -- Feminist Bookstore News