Books - Series Description

New Directions in Southern History

Edited by Michele Gillespie and William A. Link

This series explores new topics of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and culture, contributing in important new ways to the historiography of the region, and adding significantly to our understanding of the relationship between the South and the rest of the nation. The series stimulates the exploration, development, and use of non-traditional source materials, including material cultural sources. The series is distinguished by well-written, deeply researched books—by new as well as established scholars—that offer fresh, compelling ways to understand the southern past. The series focuses particularly on works that transcend traditional chronological barriers that artificially divide nineteenth- and twentieth-century southern history. We desire manuscripts that explore sweeping social changes, but these regional studies must be firmly rooted within a broader national and international perspective. We also desire manuscripts that cannot be easily classified as being cultural, political, or social history. Finally, we seek manuscripts that bring together these various subfields and are ultimately connected to questions about how power has been exerted, contested, and acknowledged in the South.