Books - Series Description

Asia in the New Millennium

Edited by Shiping Hua

Asia in the New Millennium is a series of books offering new interpretations of an important geopolitical region. The series examines the challenges and opportunities of Asia from the perspectives of politics, economics, and cultural-historical traditions, highlighting the impact of Asian developments on the world. Of particular interest are books on the history and prospect of the democratization process in Asia. The series also includes policy-oriented works that can be used as teaching materials at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Innovative manuscript proposals at any stage are welcome.

Series Editor Shiping Hua, PhD is the Calvin and Helen Lang Distinguished Chair in Asian Studies, Director of the Asian Studies Program, and Professor of Political Science at the University of Louisville. Along with being editor of the Asia in the New Millemmium series, he serves as editor of Contemporary World’s Classics: Political Science Series (translations) with Renmin University of China Press, which is published annually in Chinese.

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